Lucie Kline enjoys her step-brothers big cock

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Lucie Kline (a.k.a. Lucie Cline) was just doing what normal teenagers girls do on random days. She was hanging out in her room playing with her pussy, sad that she didn’t have access to a cock. Her stepbrother was in the kitchen, minding his own business, when he heard the undeniable sounds of a young woman in need of some big dick. Being the gentleman that he is, he went to investigate and offer some help. He watched his stepsister masturbate for a minute before making his presence known. Like a flying guy in blue spandex, he swooped in and saved the day. He didn’t leap tall buildings or deflect bullets, he offered his stepsister exactly what she was craving. Lucie was nervous she wouldn’t be able to handle such a big piece of stepbrother man meat. Once she got it in her mouth though, she deduced it could fit in her teen pussy no problem. Lucie creamed all over her stepbrother’s big dick while riding him. Next time her pussy needs saving, she knows who to call.

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