Xmas Sex for Naughty Teen Elf

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Teen spinner Lucie Kline (a.k.a. Lucie Cline) looks too cute in her elf costume. So, when this tiny brunette gets tangled up decorating the tree, her boyfriend has a naughty idea. Using Xmas lights as bondage, he takes off her panties for a sweet POV fucking, with a candy cane!

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Do You Like

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Two teens meet for the first time when their dating parents move in with each other. The son discovers the daughter in a sheer white shirt and panties checking herself out in the mirror. Lucie Kline (a.k.a. Lucie Cline) is surprised at first but quickly becomes aroused by the bulge in Bambino’s underwear and invites him into her room. She gets so excited, she drops to her knees and devours his huge cock. He stands over her face holding on to both sides of her head and fucks her mouth deep. She’s so turned on she can’t help playing with her pussy while swallowing his cock. Then it’s her turn as she lowers her pussy onto his face, grinding her clit into his mouth. Both teens are revved up and fuck each other senseless until he finally explodes all over her face.

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Milf In Closet

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Parents these days seem to have zero trust. Stepmom Reagan Foxx was snooping thru Lucie Kline (a.k.a. Lucie Cline)’s room when she found a huge vibrator. As she found it, Lucie was approaching the room, Reagan quickly hid herself in the closet as Lucie and her boyfriend came in. Lucie and her guy quickly got into what they came to do. Little did they know that Ms. Foxx was watching. Not just watching but getting turned on as well! At one point she got so turned on she stumbled and startled the couple. It was too late to stop now though. So Ms. Foxx took this opportunity to show them how to really fuck and suck! It was a lesson they’ll never forget.

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Pillow Fight

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Aubrey Sinclair and Lucie Kline (a.k.a. Lucie Cline) were hanging out in their cute lil shorts just checking guys out online. They stumbled on a guy Lucie recognized, she had fucked his girlfriend! Aubrey called her naughty, and she smacked her with a pillow, then Aubrey knocked her off the couch with her fine ass when she started tickling her. Lucie told her she’d get her back and went to the other room then called her over. She was waiting with a pillow in hand to hit her right when she turned the corner. As soon as she smacked her, the pillow fight was on! These two hotties started bouncing right on the bed fighting when Aubrey’s tit popped right out. Lucie was all over it and started licking her nipple right away. This led to some seriously hot girl-on-girl action as they stripped down and got to business. You have to see all the hot ass and pussy-eating in every which way, so hot!

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